AfCFTA Market Place – IATF 2023: Yaraa’s Mandate to Enable Intra-Africa Trade

Yaraa’s Mandate – AfCFTA Market Place – IATF 2023: 

One of the most significant developments in the continent’s economic history was the recently concluded IATF 2023, AfCFTA market place in Cairo, Egypt. It brought together representatives from all over Africa and beyond. The event aimed to promote regional integration, foster economic growth, and enhance intra-African trade. Leading stakeholders from across Africa came together to discuss the prospects and limitations raised by the AfCFTA, as well as explore modalities for optimizing its impact on African businesses.
The AfCFTA marketplace initiative is expected to accelerate economic growth in Africa while providing millions of jobs; thus, increasing intra-African trade by up to 50% by 2030.
Recently, Yaraa was represented in Cairo, Egypt at the IATF 2023 event. Yaraa’s contribution in the IATF 2023, AfCFTA marketplace reflects the company’s commitment to enabling the growth of African companies and fostering Africa’s economic transformation.

IATF 2023, AfCFTA Market Place
Yaraa at IATF 2023, AfCFTA Market Place
Yaraa’s innovative eProcurement solution, designed specifically for the African market, has the potential to play a significant role in facilitating cross-border trade and streamlining procurement processes for businesses operating within the AfCFTA framework.

Key Takeaways from the IATF 2023, AfCFTA Market Place:

  • The event provided a valuable platform for Yaraa to engage with industry experts, government officials, and potential customers from across Africa.
  • We gained valuable insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by African businesses in navigating the AfCFTA landscape.
  • Yaraa’s eProcurement solution specifically provides a cloud-based, centralized platform that streamlines the entire procure-to-pay process, eliminating waste of resources and minimizing risks.
  • Our solution is also AI-powered, enabling businesses to automate many manual tasks and gain real-time insights and full visibility into their procurement data.
Yaraa’s Mandate to Support the Growth of African Businesses:
Yaraa is committed to playing a leading role in supporting the growth of African businesses and contributing to the continent’s economic transformation. The company’s eProcurement solution has the potential to:
  • Enhance transparency in procurement processes while reducing corruption and fraud.
  • Control costs and streamline approvals, leading to significant savings for businesses.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies across the entire procure-to-pay process, freeing up time and resources for businesses to focus on core operations.
  • Facilitate cross-border trade by providing a standardized procurement platform that businesses can use to connect with suppliers across Africa.


The AfCFTA presents a tremendous opportunity for African businesses to expand their reach, increase their competitiveness, and access new markets. However, to fully realize these potentials, businesses need to adopt innovative solutions that address the specific challenges of operating in the African market. Yaraa’s eProcurement solution is a prime example of such an innovation. By providing businesses with the tools they need to streamline their procurement processes and enhance transparency, Yaraa is helping to lay the foundation for a more prosperous and interconnected African economy.

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