Invest Ottawa International Partnership


International Business Partnership for Yaraa

We have launched Yaraa in Canada, partnering with Invest Ottawa in the Global Runway Program.

IO Global Runway is a Global Expansion program provided by Invest Ottawa, the lead economic development agency for knowledge-based industries in Canada’s Capital.

Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, is one of the hottest tech hubs in North America.

We are working with the Global Expansion team to build the footprint of an overseas business operations that we have had in mind for years.


Fast-Tracking Operations into Ottawa

Yaraa reached out to Invest Ottawa to learn more about the Global Runway Soft Landing Program. Through this program, the Global Expansion team will fast-track Yaraa’s operations into Ottawa in 2024, collaborating with planning, expert consultations, and resources.

Peter Fakunle, Yaraa Global Strategy & Partnerships Manager, says, “The Global Runway Program will build the footprint of an overseas business operation that we had in mind for years. We will establish a Canadian corporation and get connected with various people in the City of Ottawa to share our business and our mission. We will be pushing the idea of Africa to the World”

“Everything is still in progress,” Peter reflects. “Invest Ottawa will be helping a lot of our first steps. We’re getting a lot of assistance and advice. I also have access to workspace in the same building as Invest Ottawa, which is very convenient.”


Why Ottawa?

Peter affirms that Ottawa’s reputation as a tech hub is known internationally. He says, “Yaraa was attracted to Ottawa’s vision of smart tech-oriented and R&D projects. Ottawa is one of the fastest-growing tech regions in North America. It has a lot of global talent.”


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