PURCHASE APPROVALS: How Managing Purchases Aid Your Procurement

Purchase approvals ensure that expenditures align with budgets, adhere to company policies, and meet the needs of various departments. In this article, we will explore their key significance, common challenges associated with purchase approvals, and how you can overcome these challenges.

Key Significance of Purchase Approvals

Purchase approvals serve as a necessary control mechanism within organizations. They prevent unauthorized spending, enhance transparency, and enable better financial management. Here are some key reasons why purchase approvals are essential:

Budget Control: By requiring approval before purchases are made, organizations can maintain financial discipline and avoid overspending. Purchase approvals ensure that expenses align with budgetary constraints established by management.

Compliance and Accountability: Approvals enforce compliance with company policies and procedures. This accountability helps prevent fraud, maintain ethical standards, and ensure that purchases are made from approved suppliers.

Optimized Procurement: Effective purchase approvals streamline the procurement process. They ensure that the right products or services are purchased at the right time and from the right vendors, enhancing overall efficiency.

Common Challenges in Purchase Approvals

While purchase approvals are vital, they can sometimes create bottlenecks within organizations. Here are some common challenges associated with the traditional purchase approval process:

Slow Approvals: Delays in approvals can disrupt operations and lead to losses or inefficiencies. Traditional approval methods, such as paper-based systems or email chains, usually result in slowed approval times.

Lack of Visibility: Limited visibility into the approval process can make it challenging to track the status of purchase requests. This opacity can hinder decision-making and create uncertainty.

Complex Workflows: Some organizations have intricate approval workflows that involve multiple stakeholders. Managing these workflows manually can be time-consuming and error prone.

Mobile Accessibility: In an increasingly mobile world, the ability to approve purchases on the go is crucial. However, traditional approval systems often lack mobile accessibility, constraining decision-makers to their desks.

Making Purchase Approvals Effortless

To tackle the challenges sometimes associated with purchase approvals, we must have a solution that makes approvals faster, more transparent, and accessible from anywhere.

Yaraa Procure is a robust procurement system that enhances the procurement process from source to pay. Yaraa’s approval features enable organizations to have a more efficient approval process. It provides the following:

Instant In-App Notifications: Yaraa replaces lengthy email chains with a seamless in-app messaging system. This real-time communication ensures that questions are answered promptly, leading to faster approvals.

Customizable Workflows: Yaraa allows organizations to create and customize approval workflows tailored to their specific needs. Whether you require single-level approvals or complex multi-step processes, Yaraa adapts to your requirements.

Mobile Approval: Yaraa’s mobile app empowers decision-makers to approve purchases on the go. This flexibility ensures that approvals are not constrained by location, enabling greater agility in decision-making.

Visibility and Tracking: Yaraa provides visibility into the entire approval process. Decision-makers can track the status of purchase requests, ensuring transparency and accountability.



As is now evident, purchase approvals are a vital component of procurement, and addressing the challenges associated with them is crucial for any organization. Yaraa addresses these issues by making your approvals faster, more transparent, and mobile-friendly. Sign up on Yaraa today and take your purchase approvals to the next level.

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